Images in imported RSS summaries

I have many RSS summaries that i want to import from Apple Mail. These were saved into folders from Mail’s RSS reader. When i import these into Office Pro the images do not get imported. The image import is of course working correctly for standard email messages.

Am i doing something wrong or is this capability not included?


If these images have to be loaded from a different URL and in DTPO the Email preference “Download remote images in HTML messages” is not ticked then they wouldn’t be included.

The images don’t come from a different URL but just in case i did tick this option. It makes no difference.

Regards Alan

I don’t use Mail for RSS but I did some testing and I can confirm your report. My guess is that the HTML -> RTF conversion somehow fails to include the images. But since this is done in one of the Apple libraries, there is currently not much we can do.

OK thanks Annard…i’ll live without the images!

Regards Alan