Images in RTF files

I found it rather strange that it’s not possible to add images to the RTF files. I know that there is a Formatted Text but they are not RTF and I don’t want to edit an HTML if I open it from another website?

I even wonder if it’s a good idea to be able to create a Formatted Text. I understand its existence but compared to RTF, HTML is not very user-friendly. It seems fine to have it as an archiving option but I think it shouldn’t be possible to make it via the + button. Instead, the RTF should start to be a real Rich Text Format.

RFT and RTFD files are not mobile-native nor friendly. Apple has provided no support for them on iOS so third-party frameworks (or developing our own) is required.

Also, Evernote’s “note” is a proprietary HTML file, not RTF. Formatted Notes (though simpler in its current state) is our non-proprietary take on this.

Maybe just don’t push that button?

Anyway, I think formatted notes are probably more user friendly because the images are encoded in the document and not part of a separate package, as the case is with RTFD. And the raw source never needs to be edited by the end user – just like end users never need to edit the raw source of RTF files. DEVONthink to Go provides the familiar editor interface and handles all the encoding behind the scenes.

I see your point and it makes sense now. I’ve worked with ENML to create some extension for Evernote and I must say it’s not pleasant. I stick to Markdown I guess :slight_smile:

The iPhone eye tracking system selects it by accident every time I am in the middle of taking note while talking to Siri on my Apple Watch at the same time. Not always though, only occasionally.