Images in Sheet records

I think there is an image in the tutorial that shows an image in one of the records for a sheet collection. How on earth do you paste an image into a record? I’m trying to create several different inventories, and I would love to include photos in the sheet collections. Also, is it possible to create a link within a record to an existing RTF or link in DTP. I’ve gone through the tutorial, and I’m still lost. Sorry in advance if I am being dense.



Sorry. Records are plain text at this time, which means no images, or links in records. So one can link to, but not from records.

Perhaps in a future version.

Sorry to bring this old thread up again, but in the tutorial databse, the record titled “Eric Bohnisch-Volkmann” clearly shows a thumbnail image in it. How did you put it there? This is what I’m trying to do, add an image to a record of a sheet.

That’s true. But the record resulted from an import of Address Book records. That thumbnail had been entered as a custom picture in Address Book, and the Find > Import > Addressbook operation somehow picked it up ahead of the name of the record. (I’m sure Christian understands how the thumbnail was picked up; I don’t.

As ridiculous as it might seem, try creating a new, empty Address Book. Use any fields you like to enter your inventory data. Insert a custom picture for each record. Then, in DT Pro, select File > Import > Addressbook. Select the resulting sheet. Select Data > Sheets > Edit Columns. Here you can change the names of the columns, and add or delete columns. Then you should end up with a thumbnail for each record. Whether those thumbnail images of your inventory items will be useful, I can’t predict.

Another of my famous workarounds. :slight_smile:

Every content & group can have its own and/or unique icon - just open the Info panel, click on the icon in the upper left corner and use Copy/Paste to modify the icon (just like in the Finder).

And the File > Import > Addressbook plugin uses the images of your addressbook to set the icons for the imported addresses. These icons are also used by form views (showing one record). That’s basically the whole magic :wink: