Images Not Displaying

I am running DevonThink Pro Office v2.4.2 and am experiencing problems displaying images in the lower section of the split right-hand column view. All I can see is a grey background.

If I re-size the desktop just a fraction the image suddenly re-appears and displays as it should.

Under all other pane views the images and thumbnails display normally.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Yes, I have found it to be an issue with some images if the view is set to Zoom to Width or Actual Size. If it is set to Zoom to Fit the image displays fine. I suspect this is a bug in 2.4.2 as it used to work before. I was going to file a report and didn’t get around to it-going to do that right now.

Thanks for replying Greg - glad I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

I tried out your recommendation and you are quite right - the issue does resolve itself using the Zoom to Fit option. A good temporary work around until DT manage to resolve the problem - thanks for submitting it.

Got a confirmation email that it is a bug that will be addressed in the next release.

That’s great Greg - many thanks for the update and for pursuing this.