Images with text

can we search for text in images like in Evernote ?

Not without doing OCR on them… and technically neither can Evernote. They still do on-server OCR and that’s where the text information for your files is stored. (And last I knew if you exported the files out of Evernote, you no longer had access to the text layer outside their ecosystem.)

I have a bunch of screenshots which I take from vedio tutorials which are text based. I want to include them into devonthink and have them searchable. How can I do that ?

Why not simply OCR them to PDF (right click, OCR -> to searchable PDF)? Or are you losing too much of the image quality when doing so?

Assuming you are using the Pro or Server edition of DEVONthink, as @Blanc said, you can perform OCR on already imported items.
If items are yet to be imported, you can use File > Import > Images (with OCR) .

Can we ocr on indexed items ?


The next release will also support to OCR images and store the result as a comment or annotation without changing the file.

I love the way this product keeps developing itself (I’m kinda aware that it doesn’t do it itself, actually) - great idea having OCR be able to leave the image untouched, thanks

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