Impact on Sync and moving Office Pro Database

Sorry this may be a basic question but new to DevonThink.

I want to move the databases on my Apple Mac but I am currently using the sync capabilities. How do I move the database? I assume that I can cut the sync links in preferences and then re download the databases from the sync files. Is there a quicker or better way of moving a synch’ed database?

Do you want to move the database packages (extension “dtBase2”) in the Finder or do you want to import the databases from a sync location, e.g. Dropbox?

I wish to move the database packages (extension “dtBase2”) in the Finder. The database is also synchronised using the dropbox option. I am worried that if I just move the file in finder to the new location, it will mess up the synchronisation.

It’s fine to close the database then move the .dtBase2 file. It should not affect Sync at all.

Great. Thanks for info. All done and working.

Glad to hear it.