Implement a column for tags

Have just a little request about how to find tags for files even easier.
I know I can click on the tag I’m interested in, in Groups & tag window.
But it would be super to have a tag column too, like the keyword/Description/Label/Kind and so on.

This would be great to see very easily what tags you had applied on a file.
Is this maybe already a planned upcoming feature for the next version of DTP when it comes to the enhanced tag function Christian?

The tags can be displayed at the bottom of each view by turning on tags in the Navigation bar or by selecting Hide/Show tags from the View menu.

Yeah, I know about this Greg_Jones. But I don’t want to see tags for only one file at the moment. This doesn’t help me to get a knowledge which tags my files had for the moment. I want to see tags for multiple files at a time and really like the columns you can add to the window to see the information you want. So why not have a possibility to see all tags for every file in the window too?

I can’t think this is a bad thing to add to the column view. It could only be even easier to see more information about the tags :wink:

I have been looking for this feature, too. Would be very useful to know the state of the tagging of the files associated with a certain project, that are already in a certain folder, for example.
Best regards - Klaus


I’d appreciate that too. Just some weeks ago I wanted to display that column, but it wasn’t provided. :wink:

I agree that this would be nice in theory. But my experience indicates that the reality can get very sloppy.

I once put together my own database that did this. Tags crammed into a column got really crowded really fast. You get about six with reasonably long names and pretty soon they’re stacked into a column about four or five lines long. Not only does it look bad but it means that each item takes up a great deal of space on the screen.

I’m not saying I’m against it - the ability to see the tags for multiple items at once is really nice. But I think some original thinking in terms of the layout to prevent these and other problems may be in order.

Tom S.

I’m with Tom S. Seems like nice idea but is it practical? I wonder if a Tags column would be usable - in that documents can have no limit to the number of tags, so the tiny width of a column view would often truncate the list of tags, rendering is useless.

I’d rather see the existing Tags view eliminated in favor of a tags cloud, in a side panel, whose contents would update depending on the current view or search criteria.

Until recently I have used Yep and Leap, and there is a column for tags in these programs, that have been very useful for me. I am using between 3 and 10 caracters for a tag, and rarely I assign more then 3 tags to a document. If the screen is not very small, no problem… And anyway, even if in some cases the column gets truncated, at least I know which documents have tags, and which have so many tags that I have to look closer.

Cheers - Klaus

Great that you introduced this additional column in the new version.
Cheers - Klaus