Implement DT web server features?

is it possible to implement the web-server features in the Devonthink To Go version ?

various manuals, electric circuits, drawings etc. should be stored on a boat to be chartered.
Since the communication link can be disturbed or even lost, the data must be saved locally in an emergency.
Due to power outages, the storage location must also be on a battery-operated device (= IOS).

Since the charter guests only need limited access and are not allowed to delete (or modify) documents under any circumstances, a user control as implemented in the DT server version would be necessary.
Also in this way it would be possible to store additional databases locally which are required as an example for service technicians or during maintenance work.

In addition, access via the web interface is much more intuitive for guests than via the native version.

I know that you could do a lot with a simple file browser, but especially in an emergency you have to be able to access the information quickly and specifically. The intelligent groups and rules, for example, help enormous.

Are there any considerations in DTTG to implement such a function ?
Or is it already there and I don’t know anything about it yet :slight_smile:

It’s probably possible but, as it’s the first request of its kind, not planned in the foreseeable future.