Implementation of iOS Tabs Example

I know I’ve read a request for tabs in DTTG2 and a user suggested a Safari-like implementation, but I cannot seem to find it. So, I’m posting an example of a different (and quite nice!) implementation of an iOS tabbed browsing experience that I saw the other day.

An implementation like this would be great in DTTG.


Thanks for the link. We’re still in discussion about this but it’s good to see some examples.

Another example is the free PDF Viewer from PSPDFKit, which I am almost certain is the same engine that powers DTTG’s PDF features. Their most recent update is super slick and I love the tabbed reading experience and implementation!

I would also like to request tabbed browsing. I’m often reading 2-3 articles or books at a time, and I have to go back to “recently viewed” all the time to switch. I don’t mind which interface you choose; using the PSPDFKIT built-in method would be better than nothing. Thanks!

I would just like to second this idea. I frequently read the instructions for my courses, and have to switch to reading an article as part of this, then I need to switch back to the instructions to review the questions about the article and then back to the article again to highlight/annotate the answers to those questions. Tabs would be enormously helpful!

It would also be great to be able to look up information from a PDF or textfiles and quickly switch tabs to take notes without having to leave the app!

Dear DTTG team –

Sorry if I’ve simply missed the solution to this. I did do quite a bit of search in the forums and on the web and in the DTTG manual, but I’ve been unable to find much discussion of this since 2018 (having multiple PDFs open in different tabs in DTTG).

I also did look at the implementation shown at the Logos website referenced above, and was able to figure out that a version of that is possible in DTTG on iPad (but not iPhone), by using “Open in New Window”. But at least for me, this method is definitely less convenient than having tabs.

Is this feature request (having multiple PDFs open in different tabs in DTTG – at least on iPadOS) a possibility at all?

Thanks for any information.

Tabs are not supported in DEVONthink To Go and there no current plans to support them (though it’s on our list of possible future enhancments).
Multiple windows is the only option available at this time.

@BLUEFROG – OK, thanks for the quick update.

Hmm… I guess the ability to have multiple tabs (when useful/needed) may be a continuing use case for opening in an external PDF editor such as GoodReader, then.

You’re welcome and while it implies no promises, your vote is noted.