Import automatically pdf

I wish to import pdf in dtpro and to make him(it) indexable automatically.

What script I have to use?

The text of PDF documents is automatically indexed & searchable by all DEVONthink editions. But if there’s no text yet and the PDF documents contain e.g. only scanned pictures, then you have to use DEVONthink Pro Office and its OCR.

I want to scan documents into a folder on the hard drive and the document is automatically indexed by DEVONthink Pro.
Subsequently, the server DEVONthink PRO I hope we can find this document on a network.

The automatic indexing is important to avoid placing keywords.

I do not know how to achieve this automation. Can you help me?

You might have a look at this thread: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9551

sorry, I did not answer my question.

I made an automator script:

  • Set current group
    -add item to current group
    -OCR items

the file is imported into DevonThink but not transformed into searchable PDF.
(no items in input (-2700)

Can you help me ?

OCR Items only works on files, so you will have to remove the Add Item to Current Group:
Item == File/Folder
Record == Document inside DEVONthink database

Thank you!
When I test in Automator it works very well. with the command line “get specified finder items”.
When I remove this command to the script file. This no longer works.
Have you any idea?

Yes, there is a bug that has been fixed for the next release. In the meantime it will only work within Automator. Sorry.


when you go out the next version?

But it may be possible to link a script OCR on a file DEVONthink?

You can write all of this in AppleScript without a problem, search on this forum for some examples or check the DEVONacademy.