Import Bug from Apple Mail?

I have imported from Mail to DTP 2.0 Office Pro. (Import menu) 2 Folders have been imported 2 files 8singel mails) not. I saw than, that the Mails in DTP are not rtf files anymore, they cannot be changed. I htink it has not been so in 1.5x. Is this right in 2.0?
Bigger problem is, that, after this import, i cant not save (single) mails from Apple Mail anymore to the desktop or any folder. It seems that the mails are saved, but they are not there where i have saved them. Any idea if DTP 2.0 has caused this bug importing from Mail?
Thanks for help in advance

You can change them: You have to press a button to change the view. Look here: … ess/?p=669

Concerning your other problems I can´t help.


As of 2.0 the messages are stored in their original format. You can go to to Convert menu to convert them to rich text if you want to edit them.

As to why dragging from Mail doesn’t work, I don’t think that has to do with us since we don’t touch that functionality. But you can only drag 1 message from Mail anyway in order to create a file on your Desktop. This is a well-known and long-standing bug that Apple just doesn’t seem to want to fix.