Import by Scanner: How to enlarge the preview?


one of my use cases is to use DT3B6 as my DMS. To get documents into the app, I use the built-in scanning process (via import tab, navigating to scanner).
After having the scanned pages in my “import” folder, I would like to group them in any way. Unfortunately, I can hardly do so, as the pages have a very small preview, so that I cannot really distinguish the single documents (compare to this screenshot).

Seemingly I am to dumb to find the right way to enlarge these - as the “Zoom” option in the “View” menu is greyed out.

So - how can I do it?

Thank you for your support,
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Enlarging the thumbnails is currently not possible to do. Bear in mind, this is still a beta and further refinements are being made. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for the update.

Just as a feedback from my side - even bearing in mind that this product is still in beta status - the lack of such a (from my understanding) basic feature is difficult to understand for me, seeing what DT is able to do.

Which software would you recommend for bulk scanning, grouping and adding missing pages until (under the assumption that this feature will be added) it is available in DT (Pro)?

Thank you for getting me on the right path.

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