Import Contacts Question

I just discovered the Import Contacts command :slight_smile:

I have now imported all of my contacts as links. Does DevonThink ever resync with the contacts database on its own?

I tried doing another import to the same folder hoping that it would only import changes (additions, corrections, deletions, etc.) but it just doubled everything. So i moved them all to trash and re-imported.

No, this is just an import.

And if I periodically do a new import each card will get a new uuid so I cant actually use links to the contacts. Right?

Not right. Or rather: That depends on what UUID you’re talking about.

If you import the contacts as bookmarks/links, the UUID in the bookmark is always the same. The UUID of the DT records, though, have to be different. But the important thing, I guess, is that the contact’s UUID does not change.

So you could remove all contacts from DT and then import them anew to get a very poor man’s sync.

So I can’t use the DT Get Item Link as a persistent link but I can use the address book link in the url field. Am I interpreting you correctly?

I guess so.

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I will experiment :slight_smile: Thank you.