Import database from syncstore

DTPro 2.8.5 under OS X 10.10. 3. I have a very large .syncstore file. From its date, I believe it contains some files which I somehow lost and need to get back.

The instructions in the help files are:


If you synchronized a database with a sync store and want to make it available on another Mac, the easiest way is to directly get it from the sync store. If the database is hosted on another Mac to which you have added a direct connection, you also can import it from there.

Step 1: Set up the location containing your database.
Step 2: Click the button Import Database.
Step 3: Select a location.
Step 4: Select the database to import; DEVONthink Pro Office only shows databases not yet available on this Mac.

I’m not sure what step 1 refers to - I assume this is the sync store file on an external drive attached to my Mac.

Step 2 - there is no “import database” button that I can locate. The usual "File>Import … " command does not contain “database”, and that command does not recognize the sync store file.

Can anyone suggest what I should do to restore the data in the sync store file. Thanks for your help

See DEVONthink > Preferences > Sync

The step refers to whatever location where the sync store you want to use resides:

Thanks for the answer, I didn’t realize it was referring to the prefs. Now it makes sense.