Import Destination not working

I’m using DevonThink 3.04 and a Scansnap IX500 Scanner with Scansnap 1.5.0
Just over these past two weeks, when I scan a document into Devonthink, the destination group selection windows comes up as normal and I select the destination group as normal, but instead of the scanned document going to the selected group, it now ALWAYS goes to my Global inbox.

In Devonthink Preferences - Import: have “select group” selected.

Anyone have any ideas to what the problem is?


If you are using the Metadata panel, there is an issue when using the Metadata panel and should be fixed in the next maintenance release.

In the interim you can disable Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF: Enter metadata after text recognition or just process items from the Global Inbox after scanning.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Many thanks for the “over the weekend” prompt response. I’ll try disabling.

I’m guessing that you won’t be able to commit as to when the next release will be. Typically, how often are maintenance releases?


You’re welcome.

There’s no fixed amount of time between releases and sorry but no I can’t give you a timeframe on the release. Do note we are hard at work on internal builds right now.