Import dialog: default tag

during the import dialog from a scan or PDF viewer I can assign one or more tags.
The popup menu appears after typing the third letter and shows all tags beginning with the typed letter.

If then several/many tags are displayed, by default, the 5th or 6th tag is always marked/selected from DT3.
Is there an option to change that or at least that my last selected tag is always marked by default?

Thx in advance.

Are you referring to the metadata panel that can appear post-OCR?

no, see screenshot:

In this example I typed only “Pro” into the input field.
DT3 completes the input after 3 letters immediately

  1. in the input field (“Projekt Jac…”) and
  2. marks this suggestion in the selection dialog automatically

All these sugfestions are stored in the “Tags” of the DT3 database.
But I didn´t find an option to mark one of them as “default” or - better - to “my last choice”.

The default is automatically chosen, it’s the most used matching tag.

is it possible to change this because (in my case) it doesn’t make sense and causes a lot more work for scrolling to the right entry in the listing ?

My proposen:

  1. pre-selection by the program based on the first letters, then
  2. my last selection ?

That’s not possible currently but we’ll consider this for future releases. In the meantime you might use an alias for your preferred tag and enter the alias instead of the name.