import dialog from ScanSnap Manager

When using the ScanSnap manager to scan and import PDFs to DTP Office, the documents are scanned, OCR’d and then a dialog comes up that allows to set Title, Subject, Author, Dates etc.
How is this dialog generated? Can I change/customize this prompt to my needs somehow?

That prompt is triggered if, in DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR, the option to add metadata after text recognition is checked.

It cannot be customized. Those metadata fields apply to PDFs and some other document types. (I don’t use them, as they are not universally available in all the document types in my databases.)

As that prompt stops everything while waiting for me to respond, I uncheck the above option. I prefer renaming the PDFs after capture to DEVONthink. Very often, there’s selectable text in the PDF that saves me typing time. Select it and press Control-Command-I to Name the document.