Import = drag and drop?

Is to drag and drop a pdf from say my desktop to my DT database the as import it with DT into the database?

Yes, that’s indentical to importing. Tip: Pressing the command-option modifier keys while dragging and dropping is the same as indexing.

If you like to drag & drop items from the Finder into your database, let me recommend the Groups panel.

In DT Pro, select Tools > Show Groups. I move the Groups panel to the right side of my screen and minimize it to the Dock (Command-M).

In the Finder, I can click on the Groups icon in my Dock. The Groups panel will float over the Finder view. Now I can drag a selected file(s) and drop them into any group I wish in the Groups panel. Press Command-M when finished to send the Groups panel back down to the Dock.

The Groups panel can also float in the same way over any other application from which you would like to drag selected text/images.

As far as that Groups panel goes, I posted a useful Applescript for showing/hiding it from anywhere in the thread … hp?p=18349

Hope it’s useful

thanks to both of you. Nice hints.