Import email history

To whom it may concern,

DT is very good. I’ve been importing emails for months now and searching and using them just fine.

However, today I discovered that when I make a mistake and import the days’ messages into the wrong place (database or folder)–I can’t re-import them. They are marked as imported even though they went to the wrong place in DT. I deleted them from the wrong location–probably should have just moved them.

Where do I see the import email history? That way I can find exactly the 10 emails that were already imported (to the wrong location) and re-import them to the right database.

Right now I can see all the emails that should have been imported…but the list includes all the email that I’ve imported and it doesn’t show where the emails were imported.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome @vlakmire

Look in the database’s Trash, unless you already emptied it. If you did, check the system Trash.

Yep it was in the trash…I found that and then read your message–good confirmation. Mail is where it needs to be now. Thanks again. J

Glad to hear it and you’re welcome :slight_smile: