Import emails categories, (un)read and flags Entourage 2004?


I have a large e-mail Database from Entourage 2004 containing about 30.000 mails (>1 GB large).

I’m working with Entourage 2004 v11.4.0
Apple 4.5
MacOS X 10.6.8

I want
a) to switch from Entourage to Apple Mail and
b) import all the old e-mails into DevonThink to sort them, process them, etc.

My problem:
I have extensively used categories and flags to sort the mails in Entourage and I want to preserve this information.

When I import Mails in Apple from Entourage, all this seems to be lost:
all imported Mails are unread, not flagged and there are no categories (as Mail does not have a similar concept AFAIK).
(BTW I’m also having problems that not all mails are imported, it seems that at a certain point only the directory structure is imported, but the mails are not copied any more, so I end up with empty folders)

When I try to use the import email feature in DTPro, the read and flagged status seems to be transferred correctly, but the categories are lost.
Is there a way to create a tag for each category and assign it to the e-mails?
That would be very helpful.

(Or does there exist a script where I could do that the other way around and export my e-mails from within Entourage 2004 to DTPO, preserving folder structure, read/flagged status and create a tag for each category??

Kind regards


thanks to Christian Grunenberg,
I got a modified “add mailbox(es) from Entourage” AppleScript which also imports the flagged status and makes and assigns a tag for each Entourage 2004 category!