Import emails without attachments?

Is this still the case with DT3 – that you can’t import an email without the attachments? If not, how about removing the attachments from the imported email? Sometimes I want the attachment as a separate item so I can see it in the View Pane and I can search for it in the Search Inspector. Right now I often import the email and then import the attachments separately – but that of course doubles the space used, which I’d rather not do for huge files.

P.S. Sorry for the duplicate post - but I posted this a couple of weeks ago in response to an old thread under Tips - and thought it might have gotten missed during the holidays.

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Thank you for the feedback! This isn’t possible yet but noted for future release (although not planned in the near future).

OK, thanks for considering the suggestion. - JimB

Was researching this topic and came upon this thread. For individual emails, if I’m trying to economize space and/or have the attachment filed elsewhere, I sometimes use the Convert to Rich Text function on an .eml file in DT, then edit the rich text version to remove the attachment. It gives me a pretty good approximation of the original email minus the size of the attachment.

You’re right, this is an excellent work-around! If I didn’t want two copies of an attachment, my approach has been to just copy the message and paste into a text note. This is much better. While embarrassed I didn’t think of it, I do appreciate your taking the time to respond to an old post. - Jim