Import Excel into Sheets in DevonThinkPro

Can I import an excel file directly into a DevonThinkPro sheet?
My problem is that I want to make searches in data organized in columns (like an excel). So far, I can only import the excel itself, so when I perform a Search DevonThinkPro tells me the word is somewhere in the Excel; yet I have to manually open the Excel and search again within it.

Thank you very much

In Excel save as “CSV (Comma delimited)” (Excel 2004) or “Comma Separated Values (.csv)” (Excel 2008). If you have the DT global inbox installed in your Finder sidebar, then save to the inbox, otherwise import or index the saved file. DT will display the result as a searchable sheet.

Later, you can edit the sheet in DT or “Open With…” Excel to edit it there.

(Caveat: All Excel formatting is lost with this technique.)

Thank you very much for your reply!