Import Files and Mark the Imported File or Move it to Folder


Usually I save files, which are currently still in progress, on the Desktop. When such a file is ready, I import it into the DTPO database.

I would like to have a workarround, i.e. a script, which (a) imports the file and (b) marks the file by a label to be imported or - much more better - moves the file into a designated folder (Mission accomplished). To avoid conflicts the script should check wheter in this folder already exists a homonymus file. If so, prior to the import the script should alter the filename of the current file by appending -version_002. If a file [filename] already exists then the script should increment the number of the version. And finally the renamed file should be imported into DTPO and moved to Mission accomplished.

… or does such a script already exist?

Kind regards, Friedrich

You could write a folder action that imports anything placed in that folder to a hard-coded destination in a database, checks for duplicates, and adds/and or increments a version number suffix. Personally, I don’t trust Folder actions to be reliable over the long run.

Or you could keep your external folder, have Hazel do the version numbering (and tagging or whatever), and index that folder in your database. I think I’d go for this approach because that work-in-progress folder could be indexed in more than one database. There are lots of renaming options with Hazel – check the Noodlesoft forum for some recipes.