Import Finder Labels / Colors

I imported a lot of files into DevonThink Pro and discovered that it doesn’t also import the Finder Labels and colors. This is a big problem for me because I use use them for a lot of coding. DTP converts its labels to Finder labels on Export. This is wonderful. I wish it would go the other way too. Thanks, Linda

Which method of exporting does that? I’ve never seen any files exported from labeled DT documents have Finder labels.

I selected a folder and did File>Export>Files and Folders . . .
The label of the folder didn’t export, but the labels of the files inside did.

No, this isn’t right. Checking more. It’s totally bizarre. Some of the files kept their labels, some didn’t and some got their labels changed to a different color. Some got labels added. It’s really weird, but thinking about what I’ve done with this folder, I realize it’s not a clean test.

Trying another folder, you’re right. The labels aren’t converted.

So I change my request to converting DTP labels to Finder labels on import and export. This seems like such an obvious thing, I was very surprised when my files lost all their labels.

Thanks for the correction, sjk

This might have a relatively simple explanation:

If files have Finder labels when imported they’ll be retained when the documents are exported, with possible exceptions (i.e. certain actions in DT might remove labels).

Yes, thank you. That’s exactly what happened. So now I know. But I still wish DTP would convert Finder labels to its labels on import and vice versa on export.

The mapping between Finder and DT labels could be confusing unless the latter matches the former. Finder labels can only have the text changed; DT labels can have both text and colors changed. No doubt some people (including you and I) would prefer them to be synched, while others would prefer they remain distinct.

Ah, yes I see the colors could get confusing. I wish for an option/preference then. :wink: Anyway at least now I know how it works and when I’m archiving, I’ll know the labels are lost. Thanks for your help.