Import flagged items from NetNewsWire in 1.5.1

Help me here…

I have DT Pro Office 1.5.1 and I look in the scripts menu and in about 10 minutes of searching (and also looking under file->import) I can see nothing that mentions what’s noted in the release notes. Am I blind?

I did install the add-ons (twice :wink: and I even went to the script folder in Finder and there’s nothing there. What’s the folder name called? I don’t have an RSS feeds folder, and it’s not in the Feeds or Import script folders.


As the online Help notes, the scripts to download news or flagged news items from NetNewsWire are available in the global scripts menu.

In the global scripts menu, those scripts that are application-dependent only show up when that application is frontmost.

You didn’t see the script in the global scripts menu. Why? You guessed it, now. There’s an application named NetNewsWire, that’s available on the Web for download (Google it). So download, install and launch NewNewsWire.

Now flag one or more interesting items and in the left column click on the flag symbol. Only the flagged item(s) are displayed.

Now click on the global scripts menu and navigate down to Add flagged news to DEVONthink. Click on that script.

Now examine the new content in your database!

I’ve been using NNW for 5 years; I don’t need to be told to Google search for it :wink: I also have about 30 flagged items so I’m well aware of how to do that.

The issue was that I searched in DEVONthink’s scripts menu and I searched in NNW’s scripts menu, but I didn’t search in the global scripts menu, which is buried in the midst of 10 other toolbar icons. I see it there now and tried it, and the flagged items were imported as bookmarks in my root folder (not my default folder called “Inbox” which seems to work sometimes but not others for generic captures). I can experiment a bit now.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, CatOne. I went into that sort of detail because this afternoon I received several Support queries and another forum post about that new script. :slight_smile:

Several of them were unaware that NetNewsWire is an application, or that NetNewsWire must be frontmost for the related scripts to appear in the global scripts menu.

That global scripts menu is present in the menu bar of all applications. There are usually some DT Pro scripts in it that might be useful, as well as application-specific scripts in many cases, that allow interactions with DT Pro.

Scripts can be modified. If you wish to set up a specific group in your database to which NetNewsWire items are sent, that can be done.