Import from Apple Notes in v2.9.9 hangs

Hello, thanks for the 2.9.9 update - fixes so many PDF problems!

However, I was excited to use the new Import from Apple Notes, but it doesn’t work. I have about 120 notes. It sped through the status bar for the first 28 notes, then displayed a completed import status bar, spinning beach ball, and then the app stopped responding. I am on Sierra 10.12.2.

Please advise if this is a known issue or I should be doing something differently.


Seems that the import of the attachments requires quite some time. DEVONthink should become responsive again afterwards.

In my own experience I’ve found that it is important to open Notes and wait until it has fully synced with iCloud before importing data to DEVONthink. When Notes is busy with its sync it does not respond well.

It did take a long time but eventually finished. Thanks.