Import from Bookends Metadata

Import from Bookends is a nice feature but for some reason the authors are combined with the Title in the “Name” field - can this be changed?

Also the content of each item contains a URL to the source - could that be changed to be an active clickable hyperlink?

This is actually the way this feature was initially requested.

The content is returned by Bookends and not modified at all by DEVONthink. Maybe enabling smart links will help.

Perhaps it was requested in an era before custom metadata? It seems puzzling to me why any academic would want those two fields combined if there were an option . It is now impossible to sort by title and very difficult to visually scan articles in a list by title.

The fields are ultimately separated out in the text of the document - is there any way to do that in the metadata fields?

Currently the only one would be to write a script to import data from Bookends.

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