Import from DT to DevonNOTE.  

I’d like to try out DevonNOTE with my data from DevonThink.  How do I transition that data over to the New DN?  

The easiest way is probably to export everything and import the exported contents afterwards in DEVONnote. Note: Both DT and DN use the same storage files for metadata.

I want to go the other way round, because I need HTML displayed, can I just export the whole DN database to the DT folder or how is it best done?


I’d create a new folder somewhere, export any or all DN groups there, then import it into DT.

Thank you, it worked!

Good to know that works. :slight_smile:

Your sig says you’re running 10.2.8.  Just a reminder that certain DT features are only available in 10.3.x.

Have fun!