Import from Entourage

what’s the latest with importing from Entourage.
In the on-screen manual I see that it says
“DEVONthink Pro Office comes with scripts for Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage.”
I haven’t been able to find these (they aren’t in the ‘extras’ folder in the DTPO disk image). The only Entourage import script that I can find is from Wooden Brain Concepts, dated from about a year ago. This seems to import pretty efficiently but doesn’t maintain the link between an email message and its attachment, which is a shame.
Is there an official DTPO script and does it do anything different?



They’re accessible via the Scripts Menu Extra (only if Apple Mail or Entourage are the active applications).

Hi Christian,
still struggling. In my scripts menu in DTPO I can’t find an ‘extras’ folder.
I attach an image of the drop down of my scripts menu.


You have to activate Entourage and use the Scripts Menu Extra, not the Scripts menu of DEVONthink Pro Office’s main menu.