Import from Evernote imports only one image per note

Can anyone advise whether I’ve done something wrong or may be missing (or misunderstanding) how importing from Evernote should work? Yesterday I did an import of a dozen or so notebooks from Legacy Evernote using DT3’s File > Import > Notes from Evernote feature (on my MacBook Air M1 if that’s relevant to know).

I was thrilled to see all of my notes in the special Evernote folder and set about organizing these notes. But this morning, I was just glancing at one of these imported notes that in Evernote is a multi-image note…but in DT3 all that was imported was the first image. So I started looking at other notes and it seems that every multi-image note in Evernote arrived in DT3 as a Formatted Note with just one single image.

Another side note in case it helps to know…my migration was actually from OneNote but I couldn’t find a good workflow to get from ON to DT3. But the path from ON to EN wasn’t too bad…and what started out as multi-image notes in ON arrived just fine as multi-image notes in EN.

Am I the first person to run into this? I scoured the forums and couldn’t find any mention of it.

What kind of images do the notes contain? Supported attachments (e.g. JPEG or PNG) should be part of the formatted notes, all other attachments are added on their own to the database (but not to the note).

Thanks CG. I’m not sure how to tell how ON or EN store these images. They are in all of the cases I’ve checked so far scans of paper documents. A common workflow while using ON was for me to use my sheet-fed scanner, scan some pages, and then my then-PC had the option to send to ON (using a printer driver I believe). The scans would just land in ON with all scanned pages in the note.

Could you export some of these notes as an ENEX file using Evernote Legacy and send the file to cgrunenberg - at - Thank you!

Absolutely. Thanks for taking a look!

Thank you, the next maintenance release will fix this.

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Not an issue for my import (afaik)
Thousands of daily journal notes, each with many images

@cgrunenberg Can you provide any details as to the cause?

The attachments (e.g. images) need an ALT attribute in the XML code containing a > character. Usually there’s no ALT attribute at all.