Import from Evernote in 2.6 - still text only?

The release notes for 2.6 gave me hope that import from Evernote would be fully supported, in that each note would be imported in its entirety. Unfortunately it just seems to do, via a menu item, what the old script used to do, in ignoring any embedded image and importing the text portion only. This could perhaps be made clearer in the release notes, especially as there seems to be no warning in the log. So anyone importing a large batch of notes, some with embedded images, might be unaware that they have not faithfully reproduced their note set in Devonthink. Fortunately the Veritrope script still seems to work.

Both embedded images and attachments should be imported (and are over here). Do you import synchronized or local notebooks? And could you please export a bunch of notes as an .enex file and send it to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

The difference between Veritrope’s method and DEVONthink is that Justin produces web archives for the exported notes and DEVONthink produces “Formatted Notes” (a new HTML-based document type beginning with v2.6). Both DEVONthink and Veritrope export PDFs as PDFs, if that is all that the Evernote note contains.

Having exchanged ideas with him on this, I believe Justin went down that path because it produced more consistently reliable output than the alternatives he tried. His method can be reproduced manually. Export selected notes “as HTML” to a folder. Index that folder in DEVONthink. The HTML notes will be in the top level of the indexed folder – select each note one by one and control-click a blank area in the note. From the contextual menu choose Capture Page > Web Archive. For one-off captures of Evernote notes, or if you do not want all the notes in a notebook, just some, this gets the best results, IMO.

Usually this shouldn’t make a difference, images are embedded and DEVONthink doesn’t post-process the HTML code or layout of the original note. Therefore an example file (.enex) would be highly appreciated.

DEVONthink’s import supports multiple and all kinds of attachments too.

I was extremely happy to see the Evernote Import feature, and for the most part it works great. But there were some pictures that did not get imported, both jpg and png. It seems that the larger pictures were the ones that were missed.

Other files, like doc and audio, came through without a hitch.

Unfortunately, I am unable to send over the enex files as they contain information that can’t be shared.

If we imported a notebook a second time, would it only import new items or would we get duplicates of existing ones?


Thanks Christian for considering this issue. I have emailed you seven .enex files with embedded images (chosen at random) only one of which is imported correctly.

Thanks for the examples, I was able to reproduce the issue which is caused by notes created with older versions of Evernote (or other platforms?). The upcoming version 2.6.1 will fix this.