Import from Evernote in DT3

I have a friend who tried the DT 3 beta, for whom importing from Evernote is crucial. He says that captured web pages were damaged by the import: a captured page was split into 8 files (7 of which were blank) looking like this:

Has import been improved in DT 3 or is it the same as in DT 2?

Unfortunately, this friend will file only file bug reports on apps he actually uses or wants to use.

The import is basically the same. Any chance that he could export this note as an .enex file so that we could get a copy and try it on our own?

Yes! (1.0 MB)

The import works as expected as formatted notes don’t support the image format WebP (due to limitations of macOS’ WebKit framework) and therefore the images are imported as attachments.

I never heard of WebP before — is that frequently used on the web?

Like WebM for videos it’s a format introduced and promoted by Google but it’s not supported by all browsers, e.g. Safari doesn’t support it, not sure about Firefox or Edge.

Ah, I think the friend who tried the Evernote export uses Chrome exclusively.

But Evernote handles this image format, obviously?

At least not on the Mac. You can see that the note contains attachments but only download them, previewing fails.

My friend states that nearly all of his imported web clips are affected, and that many of the attachments are not images.

What kind of attachments? Only standard image formats like JPEG, PNG or TIFF are embedded into the imported formatted notes, all other attachments are imported as separate files.

I don’t know, and he doesn’t want to help further. I’m going to import my entire Evernote database and see how it goes.

OK, I just imported my 1921 notes from Evernote. This resulted in 2095 notes in Evernote. What I’m seeing is that in certain cases, a note with a pdf attachment won’t display the attachment inline, but rather the attachment is placed in a folder within the Evernote/DT folder.

Do you know why this would be?

See above, only image formats can be embedded.