Import from Scan: Image also gets sent to Apple Mail

Hi there,

scanning and importing to DT works like a breeze and I love it!
However, there’s one thing that bugs me and - though not new to IT - I can’t find a way to stop this:

Whenever I use DEVONthink to import from my scanner (be it jpg or pdf) the resulting file is both sent to my harddisk (or directly to DT) AND to Apple Mail resulting in a new mail with the file attached.

(Funnily: When I directly use Apple’s scanning app to create an image or pdf I just get what I want. No bugging mails to close.)

Where is this set? I find no preference in DT or Mail.


Please describe the procedure you are using to send scanner files to DEVONthink. Something is out of the ordinary.

For example, if you use the commands in DEVONthink Pro Office to send scanner output to DEVONthink, they will not send anything to Mail.

Hi Bill,

just exactly what I thought but … somehow the stuff also ends up in the mail. Here’s what I do (I have a German system and will try to guess what the commands would be in English):

In DEVONthink I select “File” -> “Import” -> “From scanner/camera”.

An optimized DT-tailored version of Apples Scanner App shows up (in German it’s called “Digitale Bilder” (Digital images).

Here I …

  • select my scanner
  • select where to put the scan, so I
  • select DEVONthink and then the target folder of my database
  • set the usual images properties (resolution, page format etc.)
  • click on scan and …

get both: A file in my DT database and a new empty mail in Apple Mail with the scanned doc attached. Isn’t that strange?

I tried hard but could not find a preference either in DT nor in Apple Mail. I’ll have screenshots attached. Hope 4 help. :slight_smile:

DevonHajo (643 KB)

I can’t try to reproduce this, as I use a ScanSnap. Like you, I’m puzzled by creation of a new Mail message that contains the PDF as an attachment.


appeciate it! The funny thing is: When I use Apple’s regular scan app (i.e. without using DTs import feature) I just get what I want: Just one scan and no mail attachment. So, I suppose it hasn’t got to do with the scanner. It must be related to DT.

Would it make sense to have DT support look into this?

All the best,