import - from scanner- capture icon

Is there a way to have a “import - from scanner- capture” icon in toolbar?

thank you


There are a great many commands in DEVONthink Pro. The developers would have to add any new ones to the existing Toolbar command options. This one may be considered for future addition.

But there are several options for a user to create shortcuts or automate a sequence of commands.

Keyboard shortcuts - easiest with a 3rd party utility.

Scripts - perhaps worth learning, and scripts can be saved as applications.

Automator applications - (in Leopard) record (Watch Me) the actions to be done, save as an application that can be kept in the Dock for one-click use. Easy even for the faint of heart, so well worth learning. Can handle sequences not available using keyboard shortcut or scripting approaches.

Thanks for the answer. I use the alt-command-shift-I, but sometimes I forget it and ofetn I have a paper in my hand and I want to insert it in the database in a short time. A icon for import from scanner could be a nice idea for a next release.

Thank you