Import full HTML tree

I have an old CD-ROM of a book that was done in HTML, in a lot of individual HTML files. I tried importing it into DTPO, and all the files were imported, but when I view the HTML in DTPO, it looks bad, because the internal links to images no longer point to the images. (In the database, the images and HTML are stored in separate trees.)

Is there a way to import the entire thing at once in a way that it would all be tied together? I could import each individual page as a webarchive, but that would involve clicking everywhere manually, and would duplicate the (shared background) images for each page.

I tried using the Download Manager to pull it down from a file: url, but it just pulled it into the filesystem. I didn’t see an option to magically import the whole thing to DTPO.

Copy the CD-ROM to a folder on your harddisc, then index this folder.