Import Image saving URL

Hi there,

I searched the forum and wasn’t able to find the answer for this question:

When we import (drag and drop or via script) images from a web site to DTPro, is it possible to maintain the info on the url of origin? Or do we need to import a web archive to have this?

– MJ

When you drag and drop an image it depends on how much information the source of the drag will make available.

You can always change a script to set the URL afterwards of the newly imported image (this is what happens when you use “Print to DEVONthink” for instance).

Thanks for the quick reply Annard.

Strangely, my Print to DEVONthink script (on Save as > PDF menu) does not set the URL. :frowning:

Is there any other script I can check? (I need one, since I’m no expert on applescript – to say the least.)

– MJ

It should be the “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” in your home folder > Library > PDF Services. This is installed when you select Help > Install Add-Ons… in DEVONthink Pro.

It’s the code block before the “on error…” block.