Import imap email with attachment

I am just starting with pro office and trying sending/saving emails from both Mail and Thunderbird.

All seems to work fine, but the icons for the attachments in DevonThink do nothing.

I have both mail programs set up to leave emails on the server, but I used the Mail option to download the attachments before sending to DevonThink.

Can anyone tell me how I get the attachments into DevonThink.

Many thanks,


If you can see the attachment icons, the attachments are there. You need to change the viewing mode of the .eml to the “text alternative”. Right above the .eml preview you’ll see this little toolbar. Click the one I’ve circled in red to toggle between the “text alternative” view and “best alternative” (the standard .eml display).

In “text alternative” you can double-click the attachment to open it in its native editor (Word, etc.)

(Yes, you’re thinking, this is really clunky, and you’re right. :wink: It’s about time for DEVONtech to consider redesigning the handling of email and attachments.)

Many thanks for this, I assume it is in the manual somewhere but I obviously missed it.

There is a lot to learn :smiley:

Thanks again,