Import linked files

Is it possible to have DTP convert a linked file into an imported file without finding the original to do the import? I have several PDF files that are in my database as linked files, but I would prefer to have the entire file imported into the DB. I’ve read through the help and can not find a way to do this “conversion”


I’m using the following script to do that: (you can remove the – before “delete record thisitem” if you want your old links be deleted
at the same time. (Select the links you want to be imported, then run the script) Hope this helps.

tell application “DEVONthink Pro”
set selec to selection
repeat with thisitem in selec
set thepath to the path of thisitem
–delete record thisitem
import thepath
end repeat
end tell

Thanks Alb. That does the trick nicely. I had not realised that

set selec to selection

would actually return a list of all documents. I am working on a script and was trying to force a repeat loop with 1 to i of a list. Your short script has solved a frustrating problem AND accomplished my original problem as well. Cheers.