Import mail and Archive mail

What is the difference between Import mail and Archive mail for Apple mail. I thought it was the stripping out of HTML content and leaving rich or plain text.

Thank You

See page 34 of the manual for v2.8.4 for more discussion on the topic. (Or view the same material in Help.)

ok, I read it in the manual. Then read it again. Then again. So far as I can tell, the only real difference between import and archive is that archive incrementally imports anything that is new since the last import or archive.


What I’d really like is a way to keep my DTPO mail archive and my Apple Mail App mailbox synchronized. Is there something easier than remembering to archive into DTPO periodically (assuming that’s the right thing to do)?

I’m hoping for something like when I index a folder. In that case, changes to the folder show up automatically in DTPO (right?).

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There is no automatic synchronization of archiving between Mail and DEVONthink. Manual process only.

OK. But is there a way to re’archive or re’import a set of messages?