Import Mail from Entourage

DTPro 1 includes two scripts for Entourage – one to import selected mail, one to import selected mail folders.

Unfortunately the one to import folders doesn’t work at all – well, to be exact, it imports the folder, but it is empty.

The one to import messages works correctly if the import is a received message – it includes not only the text, but the abbreviated header (From, Subject, To, Date).

However, if it is a messsage I sent, it imports everything but changes the date to Friday, January 1, 1904 12:00:00 AM.

I looked at the script and can’t figure out a fix. Can anybody help?

I also wish the import would come in not at the top or bottom of the folder list in DTPro, (and then have to be moved), but was imported to whichever folder is highlighted at the time. If the import included messsages from several individuals or categories, at least I could bring it into a folder I establish called “New Mail Imports”, or whatever. But if I am bringing in several that belong together, it would be a real benefit to have them go directly to the folder where they belong. Short of having the script evoke a pop-up menu that asks where to put the import, highlighting a folder beforehand would work pretty well.

Slight correction to first message. With Preference checked to “Import New Notes to Top or Current Group”, it will bring the messages into a Main Group, but not to a Sub Group, even if it is highlighted. Close, but not quite on target.

Without special tweaks in scripting, the Entourage scripts will always deposit the results into the root level of your database.

That alone is a good argument for always keeping your root level view clear of documents; only groups should be at that top-most level.

So if you send over a thousand or so messages from Entourage, and they are deposited into the root level, here’s what to do:

Change to the Three-Panes view. All the individual messages will be in the top pane.

Click in the top pane to select one, then press Command-A to select the whole lot. Now Command-click (or right-click) and choose the contextual menu option Move, to send the messages to your desired destination.

If you’ve sent a whole mailbox over to create a group in your database, just select it, control-click and Move it to the proper location.

There’s active discussion of scripting in the Scripting topic of this forum. You may find some tricks there that would be useful.

Thanks Bill.

I do have only groups at root level and understand how to select, move, and/or assign several to a new group.

In terms of moving messages, it was the “special tweaks” in scripting that I was looking for, so perhaps should have posted this over in that forum topic.

More important is that the script to move an entire Entourage mail folder doesn’t work – as I said earlier, the folder gets imported, but it is empty.

I’ll head over to the scripting forum – I checked topics there first and didn’t find anything, but this time I’ll post and see what turns up.