import mail via script

I’ve used the import selected mail script that’s distributed with the new DT release (the one for Apple, not the Entourage one). I’ve used it a couple of times happily. However, during the last 3 attempts I’ve gotten only the mail headers…not mail message content. The headers were quite lengthy (the messages were all from Paris). Is there some sort of buffer limitation?

Ray Brock

PS really, really really looking forward to DT pro and the separate db’s! when?


as the scripts were not modified lately (and just retrieve the text contents from Apple’s Mail), did those mails contain no text (e.g. only attachments, HTML etc.)?

I notice this as well, is this script going to be updated to import html mail? ::slight_smile:

Mail’s script suite provides only the possibility to access the plain text contents. But a future release of DT will import mbox files (e.g. Mail’s mailboxes).

Now, that cool !

I thought I’d trying indexing some mailbox archives but DT performance really suffered on my 600MHz iBook G3 when I indexed a single 9.8MB mbox format mail file (renamed with a .txt extension) so I guess that’s not such a great idea.

The OS X/Cocoa text engine is actually not that good at displaying (or even editing) huge documents and therefore this is probably the reason for the poor performance (as the indexed mbox file should have almost no impact on the database performance).

Okay, I’ll use smaller documents next time.