Import mail with attachment

How can I import selected mails with attachments into DT pro. When importing with script “Add messages(s) to Devonthink” I get the mail in Devonthink withouts attachments.

Any ideas?


Sorry, it is currently not possible to import attachments with email messages.

Under this aspect DT Pro can’t be an archive solution for me. Or can it?

There is development ongoing with the possibility of bringing over mail messages with attachments. Not guaranteed, and presently no schedule for release.

But DT Pro is much more than an archive solution.

I thought there’s an easy way via AppleScript to “Print a message” and “Save attachment” and import both files in DT Pro… All in one step in the background…

I have just found this wonderfull site:

With the help of an apple script it is possible to export/archive your messages in different formats, incl. attachments!
Would be nice to combine it with DT - should not be that hard.