Import Mail

Setting up a db to archive Mail. Have used Script Add to DevonThink Pro Office from within Mail, used Toolbar Script Add Messages and Attachments to DT, Add Mailboxes to DevonThink, and also tried selecting and dragging messages.

No matter which method used, I wind up with 2-4 copies of each message.

Pretty big nuisance.

Suggested fix?


Dragging where?

From Mail to DT

Which version of Mail & DEVONthink do you use? Are the mails stored in local mailboxes or in accounts (e.g. POP3, IMAP, Exchange etc.)?

DT Pro Office 2.9.11

Mail v 9.2 IMAP accounts

Need to sort out multiple copies of archived messages, imported into On My Mac, then want to export to DT.

Could you please send screenshots of the Apple Mail selection and of DEVONthink (after importing the selection) to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!