Import Mailsmith and Eudora email into DT Pro

I have DT Pro 1.0.2 and want to import email from both Mailsmith and Eudora (latest versions).

I can find documentation and usage scenerios saying that Applescripts are available to do this. Either an entire mailbox or a single message.

I’m assuming these applescripts are going to end up in the Mailsmith script menu, not the DT Pro script menu.

However I can’t find these scripts. Have they been removed from the distribution.

I can find a Scripts folder on the DT Pro 1.0.2 disk image, and it has a Mail folder. That has exactly one script, called Mail Rule Action Import and is designed for Apple Mail application.

Can somebody point me to the scripts to import entire mailboxes from Mailsmith and Eudora, and any associated documentation.

Thank you.


Hmmm, I couldn’t find it either. Anyway, I got a hacked version for Mailsmith if you want it

DT Pro 1.0.2 automatically installs a group of scripts when it is first launched. Just to be sure, go to Help > Install Add-ons and select it.

Scripts relevant to specific applications will now be available in the global (not DT Pro’s) Scripts (stylized S) menu in your menu bar. When you make frontmost an application for which a DT Pro script exists, you should see the relevant script(s).

In DT Pro, select Help > DEVONthink Pro Help. In the online Help, search for scripts. Look at the page, “Script Menu Extras” and particularly see the section on email scripts.

If you don’t see a global Scripts menu, in the Finder select Applications > Applescript and launch AppleScript Utility. Check the options to make the menu visible and also to display the Library. (Tiger-only - If running 10.3.9 see Mac OS Help to find out how to activate the Script menu if it’s not visible.)

Where are those automatically installed scripts located? See /YourUserName/Library/Scripts/Applications.

I assume this should be /Users/YourUserName/Library/Scripts/Applications


I’m an owner of DTPro 2+ now and evaluating the archiving options ref. both Mail and Eudora - checking over Emailchemy, Mail Steward and Email Archiver for X - all of which, apparently, will archive both Mail and Eudora…but since I already own DTPro if DTP can do it that’s great == I know it can do Mail but cannot find out whether it will do Eudora [older 2005 messages talk about a script but I couldn’t find it] - I did find an Applescript but it seems to only archive Mail and not Eudora. What I want is to have all email in one place so I can search and use both sources of information.

Mailsmith is supported by DEVONthink Pro Office via File > Import > E-Mail… but not Eudora. But maybe Eudora is able to export its messages/mailboxes as Unix mailbox files (mbox)? Because DEVONthink Pro Office is also able to import such files.