Import message with attachments from Apple Mail into 3.0

Just want to ask two questions re the import of mail messages that are not mentioned in help:
I tried four methods to import messages from Apple Mail: From Sidebar>Import, ctrl-opt-cmd-M within Apple Mail, drag and drop from Apple Mail to 3.0 windows, drag and drop from Apple Mail to a group in Sorter. All methods can import one/multiple messages smoothly.
(1) It seems ctrl-opt-cmd-M within Apple Mail is the only option that allows grouping of conservation threads (if such option is enabled in preference)? And, is there a way to specific the destination group with this method?
(2) Is there any option/script in which the attached documents within a message can be detached but put together within a single message group (message and attachments in the message as a single group)?

Thank you very much

Importing via the sidebar supports this too.

This is currently only supported by scripts.

For ctrl-opt-cmd-M, is there a way to specific a destination group?

It seems that there is no additional script bundled in 3.0 for detach attachments and group. I will search the topic within the forum but it would be wonderful if this script will be included in Script>More Scripts in the future.

The thing is, the index group in 3.0 is so much more enhanced that it very hard to resist putting more stuff into the database!

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My mistake. Script can be found when rules are set in apple mail.

I found the scripts there too. So does that mean that importing mail messages with attachments is only possible by invoking Rules? And that it can only be done to all messages that meet that Rule, not one at a time? If I could just “tag” specific messages, that might be okay, but I couldn’t find a trigger that supported individual selection.

What I’d like to be able to do is just select individual messages with their attachments and import them in the manners supported by the scripts.

Such an option for email archiving (see View > Sidebar > Import) is planned for upcoming releases.