Import Messages from Entourage Script / DT Pro

Hello All,

I’m attempting to import my messages from Entourage 2004 v 11.2 into DT Pro. Trying the ‘import mailbox’ script does not work, as I select a folder/mailbox/whatever and I get from Entourage:

“The variable “theSelection” is not defined”.

so, I try selecting my messages and importing them using the ‘import messages’ script. All seems to go well, but I notice that the number selected in Entourage is significantly more than the number imported into Devonthink. Is there something I’m missing? The log has no record of anything not coming over.


I can’t even find the script for this. With Entourage still under the Spotlight radar, it would be nice to use DTPro to archive messages.

OK, I found it. But the script is still not working for me either.

You will find the script for MS Entourage on the DT Pro download disk image, here:

Scripts > Script Menu > Applications > Microsoft Entourage > Add message(s) to DEVONthink. (There’s also a script to add entire mailboxes.)

Copy “Add message(s) to DEVONthink.scpt” to /Documents > Microsoft User Data > Entourage Script Menu Items/.

Here is an improved version of the official DEVONTech script, announced in a separate thread:[OS%20X]/DevonThink/

great script, works fine thx

but even better than importing mails to dt would be an integrated mail client, or at least a script who goes for the new mails everday…

thanks a lot.

as for the idea of an integrated mail client, i presume you mean in DTP itself? I think that would tend to lead to both a bloated application and a bloated database. But I suppose if it weren’t a full email client and checked POP & IMAP accounts for certain matching keywords it could be useful if kept thin.

But a script could definitely be developed to add certain new content to DTP automatically from an email client. it could be scheduled to run periodically with cron.