Import multiple messages into DevonThink Pro

If I select one message in Mail, I can use the script in Mail that says DevonThink Pro Copy message to Current Folder. Everything works. However, if I select multiple messages, I see a progress bar as though all is working, but no new messages appear in my DT Pro folder. I don’t see anything on the Services menu that is not grayed out. ?? I thought that I could easily move text of all messages in an account over to DT easily. ??

OS 10.4.7, DT Pro 1.2

Assuming you’re referring to the script “Copy Selection to Current Group” - this script is a generic script to copy & paste from any application to DT Pro.

To import multiple selected messages, just use the “Add message(s) to DEVONthink” script.

Hmm. I see no such script. Is there a possibility that some scripts didn’t get installed properly (Tiger)? If so, how should I reinstall?

Use the command Help > Install Add-ons to install the scripts. Then switch to Mail, click on the global Script Menu Extra and the script should be available.

I see no sign of such a script. If I look in ~/Library/Scripts I see a folder for DevonThink Pro and a folder called Mail Scripts. In the DevonThink Pro folder I see Copy Selec…Group, Copy Selec…ming.scpt, Copy Selection to…scpt, and Link to curr…ment.scpt. In Mail Scripts, I see Import selected mail and Mail Rule Action Import.

If I open Mail and use File/Services, I don’t see anything like a script for Add selection(s) to DevonThink. There is a grayed-out Mail “Send Selection to…” but I believe that creates an email. Under the script icon, rather than services, there is a DevonThink Pro folder at the bottom with the scripts mentioned above from the ~Libarary/Scripts?DevonThink Pro/Mail Scripts folder. There is also a Mail Scripts menu, which seems to have nothing to do with DevonThink.

Possible problems include my having used Entourage for some time along the way, any my having used DevonThink (not pro) along the way, although the application is not present. Finally, I suppose that thre is a possible need to restart, although I don’t recall that having been enecessary in recet times. I don’t want to lose this message, so I’ll post it, and then try the restarting.

With Mail the frontmost application, click on the global Scripts menu (a stylized scroll symbol).

You will see two scripts:

Add message(s) to DEVONthink and
Add mailbox(es) to DEVONthink.

If you had selected one or more individual messages, click on the “Add message(s) to DEVONthink” script and a plain text version of the text will be saved to your database.

The problem is that I do NOT see those scripts. I assume that the “global Scripts menu” to which you refer is on my top of screen menu bar, looking like a stylized scroll, with items such as Open Scripts folder, …Address Book scripts…and, down at the bottom, DevonThink Pro. Within that last folder are the scripts to which I refer in my message, but NOT the ones that you mention above.

Those scripts are not in the DEVONthink Pro folder inside the global Scripts menu.

In the Finder, you should find them in your User directory, at:

If you don’t see those previously named scripts at that location, return to DEVONthink Pro and in the menu bar select Help > Install Add-Ons. Click on Install to add them. Now look once more inside the location in the above paragraph. (If the scripts are still not there, send a query to Support, describing your problem.)

Just to be certain of your computer’s settings, launch Applications > AppleScript > AppleScript Utility. In the panel that will now be displayed, make certain that these options are checked: “Show Script Menu in menu bar”, “Show Library Scripts” and ensure that either the top or bottom position is checked. Quit AppleScript Utility.

Now make Mail the frontmost application. In the menu bar, select Scripts (scroll symbol) and inspect the items visible. You should see (either near the top or bottom of the list, depending on AppleScript Utility options) a heading “Mail Scripts” in light font, and indented under that heading the two referenced scripts.

No dice, but thanks. I had done the items you mention, but I went through them again. I’ll drop DT a support query.