Import no longer returns the imported record in 3.6?

I have this script:

-- Import helper library
tell application "Finder" to set pathToAdditions to ((path to application id "DNtp" as string) & "Contents:Resources:Template Script Additions.scpt") as alias
set helperLibrary to load script pathToAdditions

-- Get the template file path.
set theTemplateFile to helperLibrary's pathToLocalizedResources() & "English"

tell application id "DNtp"
	-- Open the database.
	set theDatabase to open database "/Users/John/Databases/Home.dtBase2"
	-- Get a reference to the group I want.
	set theLocation to create location "/Homeschool/English Journal" in theDatabase
	-- Create the document based on the template file.
	set entry to import theTemplateFile placeholders {something:"nothing"} to theLocation
	-- Open the new document.
	open tab for record entry
end tell

I now get a “missing value” result an the tab isn’t opened. When I log entry it says “missing value”. It seems that import no longer returns the new entry.

Is this intentional, (so I should adjust my script to look for the latest entry and open that), or an oversight? The docs say that a Record object should be returned.

Seems to have started working again, who knows why. Let’s chalk it up to my Applescript inexperience :wink:

Welcome @JohnBeales
Glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile: