Import of documents from a folder doesn´t work after changig to version 3

Dear community, I have the following problem:

After changing from Version 2.3 to Version 3, the import and ocr functionality doesn´t work any more. After moving a file to the selected folder on my mac (for example by scanning a document), there immediately appears a window telling me “adding a document”, but the status indicator just doesn´t move -

Has anyone an idea wht could be wrong?

I have the same problem having just upgraded to DTP3 and would appreciate a solution
Bit of a nih=ghtmare - I wish that I had played with the Beta before starting from scratch

Do issues persist after rebooting the machine?

Yes - unfortunately :frowning:

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

OK - good news - I solved this “problem” on my own. It seems as if when DT3 is installed, the OCR software isn´t installed automatically. So the first time I tried to import and ocr a file manually by clicking on “Ablage” --> “Importieren” --> “Bilddatei mit Texterkennung” (sorry not to know the english version of these commands), the software started to install the ocr software and after that the import from the folder worked flawless.

And another good news: After it works now, it works WAY faster then in DT 2.3 :heart_eyes:

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Indeed it is! :slight_smile: