Import of Evernote Web Clip is NOT Properly Shown in DTP

I did an import from Evernote of a EN Note created from a web clip of this forum.
It looks great in Evernote, but not so much in DTP.

DTP adds a huge about of space at the top and bottom of the DTP formatted note.
See screen shots below.
How can I fix this?

Screenshot of Evernote Note:

Screenshot of DTP Formatted Note from Import

Maybe there’s a machine-specific anomaly? Over here the clipping (from Safari) in Evernote looks nearly exactly the same when it is imported to DEVONthink from Evernote.

(minor font difference in the DEVONthink instance – guess which portion of the screenshot is Evernote?

I think the difference in your example and mine is the browser used.
I used Chrome Evernote Clipper.

The Evernote Clipper for Chrome is much better than for the other browsers.

Huh? The import from Evernote to DEVONthink is different because the import from Chrome to Evernote is different than the import from Safari to Evernote? Well – yes – maybe (though not over here) – but that has nothing to do with DEVONthink. DEVONthink is importing what it finds – it can do nothing about where you found the content or how you clipped it into Evernote.

The Evernote Web Clippers do work differently in each browser – they are separate pieces of software. Depending on the web page, the differences may be large or small.

All I know is that when I import an EN Note (created using the Chrome EN Clipper) into DTP it displays quite differently than it does in Evernote. My screenshots below document this.

@korm, your post in my other thread caused me to review the Safari EN Clipper, and it does indeed work very much like the Chrome EN Clipper. This is a big change from the last time I used Safari, which was well over a year ago.

BTW, you keep referring to “over here”. Exactly where is “over here”?

“where I’m sitting”. For me, over here (as my “location” tag notes) is “-0500Z/38.956045”. I generally try not to be less obscure than that. :laughing:

OK. I’ll just assume you are in a cave somewhere in an undisclosed location. I don’t really care enough to try to decode your cryptic location. :laughing: